BERNALILLO COUNTY – Bernalillo County Animal Care Services advises pet owners to create safe, quiet spaces for their pets during the New Year’s Eve holiday.

Pets should be kept inside this time of the year due to cold temperatures, but animals frightened or confused by the fireworks or gunshots may run away or even jump fences to try to escape the noise.

“Animals should be secured indoors on New Year’s Eve due to the fireworks and gunshots that will inevitably be going off, and all animals should have identification in case they escape,” says Bernalillo County Animal Care Services Director Misha Goodman. “A dog’s hearing is much more acute than humans, and the high pitched sounds from fireworks and gunshots may result in physical or emotional damage to your pet.”

To locate a missing animal, follow these suggestions:

  • Check social media sites and file a lost report – Try, Nextdoor, Facebook and
  • Check with the local animal shelter’s website or call the shelter.
  • For the City of Rio Rancho Animal Resources, call (505) 891-5075.
  • For Sandoval County Animal Care Services, call 505-867-7642 and leave a message.
  • For Village of Corrales Animal Control, call (505) 898-0401.
  • For Town of Bernalillo Animal Control, call 505-867-2304.
  • For the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare, call 311.
  • For unincorporated Bernalillo County, outside the city limits, call 505-314-0281.
  • Keep in mind that your pet may have crossed jurisdictional boundaries if you live near city limits or the county line, or if your pet is capable of traveling significant distances.