Rio Rancho Police and Rio Rancho Public Schools have addressed a threat against Rio Rancho Middle School, and believe there is no safety concern. 

According to a joint statement from RRPD and RRPS Safety and Security Department, Tuesday night, police received a report of a threat toward Rio Rancho Middle School via Snapchat. RRPD contacted the schools Safety and Security Department, and they took immediate action to determine the validity of the threat.

Additional school security and police officers were at the school early Wednesday morning as a precaution as the threat was investigated. They addressed the threat, and there is no safety concern for the students of Rio Rancho Middle School, according to the statement.

“Additional officers will be present on campus throughout the day to help ease any anxiety students or staff may feel,” the statement said. “We appreciate the students who reported the post to a trusted adult. Please continue to talk with your children about the seriousness of threats and the importance of reporting suspicious activities, threats or disturbing information to a trusted adult.”

The police and school district take threats seriously and will pursue discipline for a student who makes them, even if the threat was intended as a prank, according to the statement. Parents are asked to make sure their children understand the consequences of such an action.

“The safety and security of students is our No. 1 concern,” the statement said.

Regulations regarding disciplinary matters prevent RRPS from releasing the name of the student who made the threat.