A recent tip to police led to a chase through multiple yards Monday.

Rio Rancho Police Department chased 37-year-old Kenneth Gangloff Jr. of Rio Rancho through a Star Heights neighborhood after receiving a tip early March 27.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the department, Gangloff had multiple felony warrants for his arrest and lived in the area where he was chased by officers.

Officers tried to talk to Gangloff at his residence, but another man living there said he hadn’t seen him. Another man came out and told officers that Gangloff was in his room.

When the roommate talked to Gangloff, Gangloff said he wouldn’t leave until the officers left.

Officers then left the residence but stayed nearby. Shortly after, officers saw Gangloff leave through the back door of the house and start to jump fences.

Gangloff didn’t respond to police when they gave him commands to stop. Officers pursued him on foot as he continued to jump walls and fences, and some point dropping a backpack. He was caught in a nearby front yard.

While officers were making their arrest, Gangloff resisted by straining his arms and reaching for something in his waistband. Officers then restrained him further by taking him to the ground using an “armbar takedown technique.”

Gangloff complained that his neck was injured during the takedown. EMS looked him over and found no signs of life-threatening injury.

Officers found a loaded homemade shotgun, two loaded shotgun shells and a machete with an orange handle when they examined the dropped backpack.

According to the complaint, Gangloff was charged with two counts of unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon, tampering with evidence, possession of explosive or incendiary device and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.

Presbyterian Rust Medical Center cleared him for incarceration.

If Gangloff is found guilty of these charges, he could serve up to 10 years.