Robert Krause, about 28, of Rio Rancho, was arrested Oct. 24 for receiving stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts of receiving or transferring stolen motor vehicles and three counts of possession of a controlled substance on the 400 block of Las Marias Drive.

Officers  patrolling the area spotted a gold Chevy SUV with a U-Haul trailer attached to it. The SUV had a license plate that was registered as stolen out of Albuquerque. They were also able to identify the driver as Krause as they had dealt with him on “numerous occasions,” a police report states.

After losing track of Krause for a short time, police again spotted the vehicle at the same location and could see Krause “messing with something” in the back of the vehicle. They then detained him and a woman that was with him.

Officers discovered the keyhole was damaged on the driver’s side door. The vehicle identification number (VIN) on the U-Haul was also registered as stolen out of Albuquerque. Officers also found 13 blue pills believed to be fentanyl, a substance believed to be heroin and 14 packages of Naloxone. They also found burnt foil and smoking pipes with residue.

Krause, if convicted, will face more than five years in prison.