Court documents from February 2022 show that Northern Meadows Property Owners Association practices go against the Northern Meadows’ Declaration of Protective Covenants and Building Restrictions, which was established in 1996.

Resident Greg Pack took the Northern Meadows POA to court, and the court ruled in his favor by default judgment. However, he says, the organization is not following through steps the court laid out for it.

“They charge people extra money for these services that the court has already ruled is their responsibility,” Pack said. “So there’s a possibility that there could be some other big issues because that would imply that they have provided false and misleading information that have cost property owners money out of their pocket.”

Northern Meadows POA was ordered to pay $34,300 plus court costs and ordered to stop enforcing such guidelines.

“So all these things they have been telling people for years is wrong; they’ve been doing that well after the court order,” Pack said. “If you look through the neighborhood, there are hundreds and hundreds of plants that need to be replaced that are dead … there are people that have been charged, been fined, for not removing dead plants from their front yards, and that’s the association’s responsibility.”

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