Winds in the spring always kick up a bit, and this year is no different. But drought and being blown away aren’t the only concerns.

With high winds possible through June, PNM feels it is necessary to give some advice.

“With spring quickly approaching, PNM wants customers to stay safe during high wind weather,” it says.

PNM Director of Safety Chad Krukowski says high winds can bring down power lines, cause property damage and pose life-threatening dangers to people and pets.

“Electricity can travel through water and the ground around downed power lines. Stay back the length of a school bus,” he said.

Even if there aren’t any wind warnings, there are some safety measures to take, according to PNM.

Here are some tips PNM has provided for extreme wind:

● Touching a power line can cause severe injury or death. You cannot tell by looking whether a line is “live” or “hot.” Even if a downed line is not actively sparking, always assume it is carrying electricity and immediately contact PNM at 888-DIAL-PNM.
● Be sure items in your yard that could fly away are anchored down, and if not, bring them inside.
● Wind can blow tree branches, tarps and even lawn chairs into power lines. Never attempt to remove anything from the lines. Distance yourself and call us at 888-DIAL-PNM.
● If a wire falls on a vehicle, passengers should stay inside the vehicle until help arrives.

Here are some tips for average windy days:

● When flying kites or drones, always fly them in an open area, away from power poles, lines and substations.
● Stay away from PNM electrical equipment, such as substations.
● Mylar party balloons can cause fires and power outages if released into the air. Keep them indoors. Most curbside recycling companies will accept Mylar, but if not, you can find a local recycling center that does.

The Albuquerque National Weather Service confirms that wind will be at its gustiest during April and May.

For a look at the spring predictions, see the service’s PowerPoint presentation at