PNM is offering financial assistance to its customers this summer.

Recognizing the strain that high energy bills can place on households, especially those with limited incomes, PNM is aiming to ease worry by providing support through financial programs and resources.

The PNM Good Neighbor Fund is a program designed to assist low-income customers get caught up on past-due electric bills and avoid disconnection. Through this program, qualified PNM customers can receive up to $370 credited directly on their PNM bill once per year.

“It is crucial for customers to be aware of and utilize the resources available to them,” said Ebony Vizcaino, PNM Low-Income Program manager. “The PNM Good Neighbor Fund is a vital tool for those who may be struggling to manage their energy bills, especially during the summer when energy usage is at its highest. Since the use of air conditioners can be up to 50% of a customer’s electric bill, by accessing this financial assistance, customers can focus on keeping their homes comfortable with less financial worry.”

Qualifications for the Good Neighbor Fund take into account factors such as household size and income level, ensuring that aid is targeted to those in genuine need.

For example, for a household of four people, the maximum monthly income is $3,469. A copy of your PNM bill, identification and proof of income for everyone living in the home is required.

If no income, then proof of no income is required. SNAP benefits or your current Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) approval letter is accepted as proof of income.

PNM also offers alternative programs for customers who may not meet the income requirements, such as the PNM Budget Billing program, which allows customers to level out their energy payments throughout the year, paying a similar amount each month, making it easier to manage your budget and removing surprises on your bill, especially during high-energy use months. Another option is to request a payment extension, providing some flexibility by giving customers more time to pay their electric bill. Customers also have the option to consider changing rate plans to a “time-of-use” plan that changes the amount customers pay per kWh, depending on the time of day customers use electricity the most.

Click here for details on qualifications, to apply online or for information on the next in-person financial assistance event. For alternative programs for customers who do not meet the income requirements, contact PNM at 888-DIAL-PNM (1-888-342-5766).