PNM is asking customers to send a personalized thank you card to the linemen who help power the community for National Lineman Appreciation Day on April 18.

Customers can go online and fill out a thank you note for PNM crews who face inclement weather and obstacles to restore power and work hard in local neighborhoods. The site will be live through April 30 so the crews can read the thoughts expressed by the customers they serve.

Linemen and other field employees in the energy industry work hard to power our lives, regardless of whatever else is happening in the world. As encroaching storms force people to take cover in their homes, PNM linemen rush out into the elements to restore power and make the repairs that keep the public safe. Linemen are among the first responders in the community and often face obstacles in their work environments every time they step out to do their job.

“I’m extremely proud of the work our linemen do every day,” Pat Vincent-Collawn, chairperson and CEO for PNM, said. “They work hard, and in tough situations, to make sure our communities have power. Also, they don’t always get the ‘Thank you’ that they deserve, so I’m excited to see the support and kind words they get from our community through our Lineman Website.”