The PNM Resources Foundation announced the award of 40 ‘Reduce Your Use’ grants to New Mexico nonprofits Tuesday.

PNM is committed to supporting energy efficiency projects that not only help organizations save money on their electric bills but also allow them to redirect more resources towards providing essential services to their communities.

According to a release, “the ‘Reduce Your Use’ grants are a testament to the PNM Resources Foundation’s dedication to creating a more sustainable and vibrant New Mexico.” The grants, totaling $200,000, allow the nonprofits to work on energy efficiency projects with a goal of conserving energy, reducing carbon emissions, and lowering utility costs.

Rio Rancho’s R4 Creating and St. Felix Pantry were among the nonprofits to receive the grants.

“We are thrilled to provide these grants to deserving nonprofits across New Mexico. By investing in energy efficiency projects at their facilities, we’re not only helping organizations save on operational expenses but also enabling them to allocate more of their resources to the critical services they provide to our communities,” Laurie Roach, PNM Resources Foundation Executive Director, said. “It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Each of the 40 selected nonprofit organizations will receive valuable support from the PNM Resources Foundation, as well as guidance on available rebates PNM offers to further their savings. By reducing energy consumption and adopting sustainable practices, these organizations will not only experience immediate financial benefits but also contribute to a greener and more energy-resilient New Mexico.