Spooky season is upon us yet again. But that shouldn’t mean you have to be scared of how you use your energy. Keep your electricity bill low and the spirits in your house happy with 5 simple tips that won’t haunt your Halloween. according to PNM.


PNM also provided a short YouTube video with sound bites and footage for easy use below.

  • Beware of the Vampire Load: Look for electronics in your house that suck up electricity even when they’re off. If an electronic has a light that stays on or gives off a warm feel, then it’s probably a sneaky vampire. Get rid of them by unplugging when they are not in use.
  • Don’t be tricked, grab a treat instead: Now that it’s getting darker and creepier earlier, having the right lights is even more important. PNM offers in-store discounts on LED lights at retailers around the state. Just look for the logo in stores and find out more info at //pnm.com/instantdiscounts
  • Don’t be scared of the dark: Use those LEDs you purchased or laser light projectors for outside decoration. LED string lights are cheaper than old incandescent lights. Outdoor laser projectors that shine spooky lights on your home cost even less on your electric bill, take up less room in your garage, and are safer than climbing on the roof.
  • Do a bit of your own magic: Use a power strip and a timer for your outdoor lights and blow-up decorations. Avoid keeping them on during the day or when everyone is sleeping.

 Keep the ghosts out and the warm air in: Be sure to add weather stripping and caulking around all doors and windows throughout your home. And don’t forget the attic… there’s always something scary in the attic.

 Find more ways to save on your bill and more energy saving tips, visit //PNM.com/tips.