Sandoval County Commission Planning and Zoning’s Makita Hill informed the board on Sept. 27 about planning for extension of Paseo Del Volcan.

So far the plan, according to Hill, is that the road is to be extended to Rainbow Blvd.

The extension conversation involved the building of the Auto Salvage Yard (near Rainbow) that the Observer also covered.

Currently the stretch is seven miles long from US-550 to Unser Blvd.

“Right now the policies are pretty vague as to what we can put where,” Hill said.

He asked the board to team up with the Planning and Zoning staff to so they can specify the policy to fit those needs.

According to the City of Albuquerque website, Volcan was originally intended to be at least 30 miles long, and would cross through the Petroglyph National Monument, then end at I-40.

That was in 2015.

Actual changes aren’t expected to take place for the road for another couple of years, since the planning process takes a while.