Shawn Darley, owner


The Sandoval County Planning and Zoning Board approved the permit for an Auto Salvage Yard on Sept. 27.

The salvage yard will be located at Southern Blvd. SW and 34th Street SW. The permit was requested by land owner Shawn Darley and his partner, Jeffrey Garcia.

“In a years time, you will come out there and see the development and say, ‘We did that,'” Darley told the board.

His goal is to bring more development to the area. He also said that a few investors have already shown interest in the spots he owns.

However, neighboring landowners are concerned about the property having some sort of barrier.

Darley confirmed that he would be adding a wall around the yard.

Chairman Keith Brown commended the project.

“This is the first step to bringing more development to Sandoval and Rio Rancho,” he said.