County Commissioner Michael Meek(Michaela Helean/Observer)


The Sandoval County Commission approved the creation of a new position for Fire Rescue on Oct. 12.

The position is a Planner and Grant Coordinator for Emergency Management.

“I am pushing at how important this is. We have hired the most talented person in emergency management in the state and her hands are tied because she has nobody to help her,” Commissioner Michael Meek said.

He also said the department is understaffed so the new position is extremely necessary.

The Emergency Management Office is a division of Sandoval County Fire and Rescue.

The office is charged with creating the framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters.

In the event of a large incident or event, the office supervises and activates the Emergency Operations Center to support incidents and events, as well as, provide oversight on mitigation and planning.

The position will be funded by the 2022 Federal Emergency Management Performance Grant and requires approval from the commission.

The grant pays for 50 percent of the salary. This new position will aid in researching, applying and managing the grant.

Because the grant requires quarterly reports and frequent updates, a manager position is necessary.