Since Monday, Dec. 6, at 9 a.m., I have spent most of my time in the county to the north of us — Santa Fe County — because that is where another debate about redistricting is happening.

There were more people at the hearing Dec. 9 at the Sandoval County Commission than in legislative hearings. That alone says a lot about the anti-democratic direction the county is headed in.

Redrawing electoral maps is a difficult process, and as southeastern Republican State Sen. Stuart Ingle notes, “Redistricting is a difficult proposition for everybody.”

Redistricting really does not have to be all that difficult — if the process is based on the basic American concept that free and fair elections are good for all of us.

The Eichwald Plan is easy to understand, and it is easy to see it is the best of all the proposals.

Look at it on the map, and it seems natural and sensible, and it satisfies all the legal requirements for redistricting.

Adopting it would have ensured free and fair elections for every Sandoval voter.

The Eichwald plan was the only one with competitive districts.

Electoral competition is the No. 1 cornerstone of all democratic republics.

The plan adopted by the majority does not give voters competitive districts.

By approving that plan, three Sandoval County commissioners drove our wonderful community right out of the community of democratically elected governments.

Charles Goodmacher
Rio Rancho