Photos by Matt Hollinshead, Observer

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go — Christopher Morley



Trees, plants and cacti were turning green and bright again at the Placitas Trailhead on Friday, just in time for spring. People and their pups were out trekking across the breathtaking landscape.

Leaves were reemerging on tiny, delicate tree branches. Cacti were popping with light green and reddish-pink colors.

Dogs ran back and forth and across the pathways the trailhead offers, and their human companions took the time to enjoy the scenery.

They were all preparing for Sunday, which marks the first day of spring.

The Placitas Trailhead is  less than four miles east of the intersection of southbound U.S. 550 and northbound I-25, just past the west outskirts of Placitas.