Veterans, loved ones of veterans and supporters of fallen veterans gathered at Veterans Monument Park May 29 to remember those who gave their lives for the United States.

Mayor Gregg Hull was not only adamant about remembering the fallen but also educating the younger generations about previous and current conflicts.

“Make sure that these young ones here understand what these names on the walls mean, what it means to honor the freedoms we have and what the sacrifice made means,” he said.

He also thanked the people present for taking the time to show support for fallen veterans.

“You do them honor by showing up here to say thank you for that sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy,” Hull added.

Charles Walters, who organized the event, opened and closed the ceremony.

“Memorial Day is a time that we reflect and honor our fallen brothers and sisters. But we also recognize the families of those fallen,” he said.

County Commissioner Jay Block also reached out to support the fallen.

“I think it’s emotional for a lot of the veterans who are in there, whether they were a combat veteran or not. You’re around a bunch of other vets and you have a lot of shared experiences and shared emotions. When you see the battlefield crosses right there in front of you with the boots and the pictures of the young men and women that were killed in action, you think about what you went through when you were over there,” Block said.

Block served in Afghanistan from 2005-06 and was an officer for 21-plus years in Air Force.

The ceremony ended with a 21-gun salute and closing remarks from speakers.