The Rio Rancho Events Center was packed with people Nov. 28 as Lindsey Stirling took the stage and wowed the crowd with her violin in hand.

“The show was essentially sold out,” Mary Brown, director of RREC marketing,  said.

Stirling commented on the “energy” of New Mexico.

“You guys know how to be an audience. Thank you for bringing all this energy,” she said.

Throughout the show, Stirling played Christmas favorites like “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and rendition of “Carol of the Bells.” Attendants loved when she performed “Feliz Navidad” with her drummer and guitarist. Fans also got emotional when she played “Silent Night.”

There was a slight surprise when the drummer asked Stirling to play “Devil Went Down to Georgia” on a 1/16 violin (a really small violin).

She also had her tour manager Erich Jackson on stage for part of the show. He was “forced” to wear a Christmas tree with presents for shoes. As the comic relief for the audience, though, Stirling didn’t shy away from cracking jokes, and with Jackson had the whole stadium laughing.

The crowd was also included in parts of the show. Stirling is known for doing TikTok videos with her audiences and posting them. Stirling also included the fans in a boat race bet.

Jessica Villa and Rocky Villagomez attended the show together.

“It wasn’t only the music and lighting that made the evening special. Lindsey’s willingness to share a personal story about her family and to remind us of the magic within each of our lives added a profound layer of depth to the performance. Her words resonated with the audience, creating an atmosphere that was not just about entertainment, but about finding meaning and inspiration in our own lives,” Villa said.

Villa was referring to Stirling talking about her father’s passing a few years ago. Stirling also told a story about angels in every day life.

“From the moment the first notes filled the air to the last lingering strains, it was evident that we were all part of something truly extraordinary. Lindsey’s concert was more than just a show; it was a reminder of the enchantment that can be found within music, stories and the simple beauty of shared experiences,” Villagomez said.

Kids were able to enjoy the show as well. For Lexi and Luke Kristensen, it was their first concert ever.

“The show was inspirational and deep. Lindsey related so well to the audience as a whole. And she played the violin upside-down, spinning in the air!” Lexi, 11, said.

Luke, 9, was also impressed.

“It was great and awesome! Now I am sleepy,” he said.

The crowd shared the Kristensen’s appreciation and cheered Stirling on for an encore, to which she submitted and performed one last song for everyone.

Stirling’s next stop is in Colorado Springs; her Rio Rancho stop was only the beginning of her Snow Waltz Tour.