Dozens of National Junior Honor Society students from Rio Rancho Middle School paid a visit to work with the young students at Shining Stars Preschool on Friday.

NJHS advisors Michelle Van Sant, Kim Plebani and Senforosa Lucero led 36 NJHS students on the field trip, which had the seventh- and eighth-grade students helping out and interacting with students in several classrooms.

“We break them into groups and we create activities for them to do,” Plebani said. “They go into teachers’ rooms and do the crafts with the kids and kind of become little mini teachers. They love it; both groups love it.”

For the middle school students, this annual field trip gives them a chance to demonstrate some of the leadership qualities learned in NJHS.

“I think we’re good role models for them,” seventh grader Jayla Willet said. “But then we also get to play with them and help them and stuff. It’s fun.”