The Cans and Cars Cruise Benefitting St. Felix Pantry on Jan. 21 ended with a truck full of canned goods that people donated along the way.

The cruise started at Cafe Bella Coffee on Golf Course Road in Rio Rancho and ended at Sunday Service Motor Co. in Albuquerque.

Gonzales gets the drivers ready at Cafe Bella as he stands in front of goods people have donated. (Michaela Helean photo)

“The levels of the food bank in January are super low, so this really helps them out,” Michael Gonzales, founder of the cruise, said.

When St. Felix Pantry came to pick up the canned goods at the end of the cruise, Gonzales says there was about 1,000 pounds of goods being donated. He added that about 70-80 people showed up to donate.

Gonzales and crew help load St. Felix Pantry truck with donated goods. (Michaela Helean photo)

Dominic Rincon, of Rio Rancho, started with the cruise on his Harley at Cafe Bella.

“Get out of the house, enjoy the car community, make some new friends and just have a good time,” Rincon said.

He added that the cruise was fun.

“This was a good ride,” he said.

The cruise took the long way around into Albuquerque by taking Alameda to Fourth Street all the way around on Tramway by the mountain toward Comanche.

For information on how to donate to St. Felix Pantry, visit