ALBUQUERQUE — The ASK Academy celebrated the Class of 2022 during Friday’s graduation ceremony at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

Thirty-eight students received their diplomas.

The photo descriptions are listed below, starting with the first one on the screen:

State Rep. Jason Harper, who has children attending The ASK Academy, gave the welcoming address. He told of his high school days at Cibola High.

ASK Academy CEO Dr. Alexandra Boyd, leaving the school after two years, gave her greeting to the class.

ASK Academy Salutatorian Timothy James Gamboa Bautista had his classmates laughing during his address.

Apparently, not many ASK Academy seniors had seen Valedictorian Franklin Scott Crowley smile; they did during his address Friday morning.

Although he’d been dismissed as The ASK Academy’s general manager following the 2020-21 school year, the Class of 2022 voted to have him back to give a commencement address, along with English Project Manager Cheryl Walker.

English teacher Cheryl Walker in her commencement address told the seniors how much she enjoyed teaching and how it’d be her lifelong career.

Alexandria Natalia Archuleta, right, was the first of 38 members of The ASK Academy’s Class of 2022 to be handed a diploma Friday morning.

Hayden Alexander Yost heads to The ASK Academy principal, Edward Garcia, to receive his diploma; he was the 38th and final member of the school’s Class of 2022, alphabetically speaking.

A common scene following graduation ceremonies: Family members hugging their happy seniors.

Photos by Rio Rancho Observer staff writer Gary Herron.