Max is a 16-month-old male large mixed-breed dog whose owner passed away, and the family was not able to care for him and the other animals.

Sandoval County Animal Services staff members have seen no signs of aggression toward other dogs while he has been with them.

Max would likely do great with a family who has other active dogs who are 50 pounds and bigger, according to staff.

Turbo is a sweet 8-year-old boy who still acts like a 2-year-old, according to Sandoval County Animal Services staff.

He takes his toys very seriously and carries them everywhere.

Turbo gets along great with other dogs and even cats. He is a very chill dude who has the funniest personality; he would be a great shop dog, hiking partner or couch potato, the staff members say.

To learn more about or adopt either dog, fill out the application at and email it to [email protected], or call 505-867-7642.