A permanent fund is fiscally responsible.

Consider your own personal finances — if you’re smart, you put funds aside for your future.

That’s what the city permanent fund is about.

There are a lot of historical quotes floating around that discuss the idea that people generally fear what they don’t understand. In this day and age, with all the misinformation campaigns that exist online and in other places, it is more difficult than ever to decipher fact from fiction or recognize flat-out lies.

I am hoping that a lack of understanding, or misinformation peddlers, do not rule the day on March 1, when voters decide whether or not to create a new city permanent fund.

When I learned that our city government was seeking voter approval to create a permanent fund, I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was about time.

The permanent fund concept, taking some available money and restricting its use to saving and investing, and only spending the interest generated for public services, is not a new or foreign concept.

These types of funds have been created all over the country and have been used by governments in New Mexico for decades.

Rio Rancho has always struggled to have enough revenue to pay for road repairs, public safety and public spaces, just to name a few. A permanent fund will generate new money to pay for these types of things.

The new money will not come from taxpayer pockets via a new tax, which is rare.

I encourage you to visit the city’s website, rrnm.gov, for reliable information.

Dave Heil 
Rio Rancho