Emanuel Sandoval, 35, of Cuba, was summoned Jan. 24 for battery upon a health care worker at Sandoval Regional Medical Center.

Officers spoke with an SRMC security guard about the incident when they arrived. He told them a health care worker was struck by a call light, the remote control attached to the hospital bed that makes emergency calls.

When officers spoke with the health care worker, he said he was taking care of Sandoval’s dressings when it happened. He came into the room, and Sandoval requested he leave the lights off and said he didn’t want to be disturbed.

The health care worker continued to approach Sandoval and uncovered his feet to attend to his injuries.

While he was doing so, Sandoval picked up the call light and struck him in the head with it. Officers noted that there was an abrasion to his temple.

Sandoval refused to speak to police.

If convicted, Sandoval will face a year and a half in prison.