Why is this important issue critical to all nations of the world?

The Ukrainian people have their own unique culture and customs such as Willow Sunday, jumping over a bonfire on July 7 and celebrating the old New Year, and they as a nation must be able to continue their future as they wish it to be.

This nation must be protected by the world organization of the United Nations. These so-called United Nations must understand that Ukraine must defend itself from the military aggression of its larger eastern neighbor, Russia.

What will it take for the aggressive nation to withdraw all its military troops from Ukraine? Perhaps it will take the Russian people to impress upon their government that this action against another nation is not in their country’s long-term best interest.

Russia is now experiencing sanctions from many other nations and toward wealthy individuals, including their present president.

The Russian economy will perhaps experience extreme hardship, and it could all be avoided only if the Russian people and its government are willing to do so.

History will look upon this action by Russia not too kindly for the destruction and the killing of citizens of Ukraine. Just how long will this aggressive action be allowed to continue?

We as world community must find a way to end this military aggression (war) by Russia against Ukraine.

Many countries are now providing assistance to the Ukraine people in their time of need.

Neighboring countries are allowing them to enter their nations for refugee status and help them with acceptable living conditions. This is what “good neighbors” do for each other.

The future going forward for not only Ukraine, but also for the rest of the world is at a point where we as a people must decide how to live in peace.

We as a world have many issues to resolve, such as this continuing pandemic, global climate change, economic issues and trade, just to name a few.

Nations of the world have the United Nations as a way to discuss and hopefully find ways to be united for a peaceful world.

We have Russia continuing its invasion of Ukraine. All nations must be united and find many ways that the aggressive nation will be paying a hefty price for its actions.

Strong economic sanctions will continue to be used, so that the people of that nation understand that their government is to blame and they must change their present course of action.

Just what will be necessary for the citizens of Russia to realize and perhaps change their present government, for it to be held responsible for the killing and destruction of the Ukraine people?

What I believe perhaps can and should happen for the nation of Ukraine is for it to survive and the nation of Russia will never be able to have any authority over it.

Thomas E. Carter
Rio Rancho