The Rio Rancho Observer has received an update with a new website.

The intent of this update is to provide more conversation and connectivity in Rio Rancho.

Our website’s style is more modern while sporting our red company color. About two years ago, the Observer merged onto the Albuquerque Journal’s website. While the Observer is under the same ownership as the Journal, we have separate newsrooms.

The new website brands the Observer separately from the Journal. Our newsroom’s content is by Rio Rancho for Rio Rancho. We are one of the only news sources for the city.

This website allows more interaction between readers and staff. Followers can share articles on social media with friends and family.

Readers have easier access to submitting a letter to the editor by clicking the “Opinion” tab, and then navigating to “Letters to the editor.” Scrolling down, they’ll find a letter to the editor form where they can write in their thoughts for publication in the physical paper and online.

Our audience has more access to make community announcements of births, engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Under the “Community” tab, readers can fill out a form for each of these announcements. Right now, these announcements are free, although that may change in the future.

Under the “Obituaries” tab, family members and funeral home staff have more accessibility to send a tribute. There is a charge to publish obituaries.

People can add public and free events under the “Events” tab. This is also a free feature.

In addition, there are tabs to place and view classified ads and legal notices.

For subscribers, an e-edition of the Observer is available. There is also access to our special sections, such as the graduation guide, Readers’ Choice awards and more.

Subscribers can rate and comment on articles directly.

Become a subscriber by visiting the new website at At the top of the page, a “subscribe now” button will link to the order form.

The new website tells the story of Rio Rancho in its aesthetic and articles. Since launching on Wednesday, we expect there may be bugs to work out.

If any glitches occur email [email protected].