Changing our clocks twice a year is nonsense.

We mess with our clocks and thereby our natural biological rhythms and ability to function in society every March and November because … that’s what we’ve done for decades. Really, why do we have to keep doing this to ourselves?

We had to “spring forward” into Daylight Saving Time a week ago. We hope you endured the lost hour of sleep without nodding off behind the wheel or at your desk, or making enemies due to increased crankiness.

Daylight Saving Time was instituted to save fuel during both world wars and the oil shortage in 1973, according to multiple sources, including CNN and Fox News. Nowadays, we seem to have enough fuel to go around in America, even with ongoing war in the Middle East.

Plus, we’re not creating more or less daylight. The Earth’s orientation to the sun determines that, and the hours of daylight naturally get longer around this time of year.

We’re just moving around when we experience the daylight. We’re also making ourselves tired, increasing the chances of accidents and resulting injuries and, according to the Mayo Clinic, giving our health a kick in the teeth twice a year. All for reasons that no longer exist.

So, stop changing the clocks.

Do we stay with Standard or Daylight Saving Time? People favor one or the other for any number of legitimate reasons. Even the Observer newsroom is split on the issue.

Just pick one! Either schedule is better than switching back and forth, and having to stumble through at least a couple of days of fatigue and grogginess.

Bills to stop the time changes have frequently come up in the New Mexico Legislature, with the most publicized ones being a move to permanent Daylight Saving Time. Yet, those bills always die before getting to the governor’s desk.

That doesn’t make sense, given that stopping the time changes would benefit everyone.

To our lawmakers: Please make approving legislation to stick with one time a priority in the next legislative session. If the legislature can’t make a decision on which schedule to use, put it up for a vote in an election.

You could even split the difference between Standard and Daylight Saving, if you have to, and we’ll all change our clocks one last time, by 30 minutes.

Somebody’s going to be mad no matter which option you choose, but we’ll all be better off. And even the naysayers will get used to whichever schedule wins out.

Enough of this spring forward/fall back nonsense!