Election integrity and the right to have fair and free elections is a non-partisan issue.

We should always protect our Constitution and freedoms.

If we find that the voting machines used in local county elections are inaccurate or are coded to pre-determine certain candidates as some claim, then accountable action must be taken against the collaborators and equipment.

However, what I witnessed was the disrespect of honorable Sandoval County Commission Chairman Michael Meek’s rules and attempts to bring order.

It is dishonest and slanderous to publicly state that certain candidates are holding office illegally and are there because of a pre-determined conspiracy to elect them. Not only can this not be proven, but it is also slanderous to the candidates, their supporters, family and friends.

Is Vice Chairman Dave Heil illegally holding office? No!

Does this mean that state Sen. Benny Shendo and his longevity of success was predetermined? Absolutely not!

Is Commissioner Meek, who serves honorably, illegally holding office? Of course not!

Both Republicans and Democrats were elected using the same voting system.

Elected Treasurer Jennie Taylor, prior to running for office, was an unknown personality. It took years as she worked her way up to become the chief deputy treasurer, all while continuing her education and job duty-related credentials from higher educational institutions.

She won the election by working with people who believed in her and campaigned tirelessly on her behalf. She visited hundreds of homes, called thousands of voters and created relationships with local businesses, banking personnel and advocacy groups.

She stepped foot in neighborhoods and towns that other candidates have avoided.

She created friendships with local Diné and Pueblo communities, first responders and the forgotten communities of the county. She was not elected because behind-the-scenes power brokers pre-selected her or any local candidate in a grand Sandoval County election conspiracy.

These ridiculous accusations mentioned during the commission meeting show a pattern of cherry-picking Mexican-American and indigenous women candidates like Jennie Taylor, Ann Brady-Romero and Brenda McKenna.

These women have thousands of family members and local business support throughout the county.

As a result, you are also attacking and marginalizing them as well. So, maybe a thank-you is in order.

The moral and ethical approach is to focus on election integrity in a nondiscriminatory and nonpartisan fashion by avoiding partisan political theatre.

Remember when the media prematurely announced winners of certain elections before the absentee ballots were counted? I do!

I guess it does take a rocket scientist to understand that. Gut feelings do not equate to data analytics or forensic evidence.

Fake news is fake news whether it fits a personal agenda, or it is contrary to an expected outcome that wasn’t achieved.

The people of this country and county are tired of partisan politics and adult political temper tantrums. It’s time we get down to the business of doing the right thing for the people, not the political thing.

A public apology to these women from false accusers is warranted.

Jessica McParlin