Thank you for your editorial in the paper of Sunday, July 14.

It is refreshing when an editor responds to his/her readers and explains the nature of his/her cartoon choices. (I believe this was done in response to another complaint some time ago.)

I, for one, am glad that the Observer is not as partisan as most media today.

It is obvious that the editorial was a response to the July 7 letter from one Joseph Dray, who took you to task for several cartoons from the Detroit Free Press. I would suggest to him that, if he desires “Trump Baby” toons or depictions of Republicans wearing swastikas, he can pick up a copy of the Alibi. (It’s free.)

But I am sure that the Democrats’ version of the Red Guards (Antifa) will do unto Mr. Payne as they did to Andy Ngo in Portland, so Comrade Dray can see that some justice will be done.


S. E. Stevens

Rio Rancho