On Sunday, September 29, at about 12:15 p.m., I was headed eastbound and stopped at the intersection of Corrales Road and NM 528 when a group of about 100 motorcyclists was turning east on Corrales Road from northbound NM 528. Please note that this group had no police or official escort, which can only indicate that it was a group of enthusiasts out for a Sunday ride. (Good for them!)

Unfortunately, when their light turned red, at least 20 of them continued turning despite the fact that traffic from the other directions of the intersection was now beginning to move. I was unlucky enough to be the first car behind the last rider who ran the red light. As he continued to ride east on Corrales Road he turned around looking westbound to give me the famed N.M. evil glare.

Am I incorrect in thinking that even a large group of motorcycles — without a police escort — is bound by the rules of the road? How dare I expect him and his group of friends to obey traffic laws?

Vince McKenney

Rio Rancho