Starting Jan. 1, Northern Meadows Home Owners Association will increase the monthly fee from $43.13 to $47.

“We all care about our homes and property,” Community Manager John Vigil said in a mass letter to residents.

Vigil said the increase is an effort to preserve and maintain the community.

However, some residents say the HOA is getting out of hand.

Home owner Sandra Campbell says her only concern is water conservation.

“I like our HOA. They keep people in line. But I don’t think I should be paying this much for my grass to be watered,” Campbell said.

The HOA offered to remove grass for home owners in 2021. Campbell was one of many who said they would get rid of their grass.

But she says the HOA couldn’t afford it.

“Personally, I think all grass should be removed. It is a waste of water…and water is expensive. Years ago, it wasn’t bad, but in this day and age, not so much,” Campbell said.

She expressed her reservations at a HOA board meeting a couple weeks ago and is hoping for results.

The HOA will have another board meeting Thursday, Nov. 29, at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. The meeting will go over the new violations policy and is open to residents.