New Mexico, according to a recent study, is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to handing out scholarships for college athletes.

In New Mexico, according to the report, the average scholarship amount is $8,642 and there are 56 scholarships per 100,000 people, the report says.

Hawaii ranks second lowest, followed by Wisconsin, Utah and New Hampshire, to round out the top five.

The study by Betsperts analyzed U.S. states for the number of athletic scholarships per 100,000 people, the number of athletic departments and the average athletic scholarship amount to reveal which states are the best for athletic scholarships. Betsperts is a social media site for bettors.

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The worst states for collegiate athletic scholarships


Rank State Number of Scholarships per 100,000 people Number of Athletic Departments Average Scholarship Amount Scholarship Score
1 New Mexico 56 7 $8,642 1.9
2 Hawaii 34 4 $13,281 2.86
3 Wisconsin 64 8 $10,214 2.92
4 Utah 56 8 $11,737 3.06
5 New Hampshire 105 5 $8,322 3.4
6 Nevada 19 2 $22,171 3.47
6 Alaska 28 2 $16,586 3.47
6 Maine 56 1 $15,276 3.47
9 Minnesota 103 10 $6,387 3.68
10 Vermont 95 2 $10,992 3.74


The research also revealed that the 10 worst states for athletic scholarships register an average ‘Scholarship Score’ of 3.2, as opposed to an average of 4.97 across all U.S. states.

  • California takes the top spot as the best state for athletic scholarships, thanks to its very high number of athletic departments, it also ranks in the top 20 for the number of athletic scholarships per 100,000 people and in the top half for the average amount given for each athletic scholarship.
  •  North Dakota takes the top spot as the state offering the most scholarships. The Peace Garden State takes the top spot with 316 athletic scholarships per 100,000 people thanks to its low population increasing its proportion.
  • Maine and Wyoming offer just one athletic department each, whereas California has 62.
  • Nevada takes the top spot as the state with the highest average athletic scholarship – awarding each student an average of $22,171. Of the 2 colleges that offer NCAA athletic scholarships, The University of Nevada-Las Vegas offers a slightly higher average athletic scholarship grant of $22,414.