There has been some confusion on if the local Mass Resistance Chapter ever planned on attending the Aug. 14 library board meeting.

While the turnout was large, not one person from the Mass Resistance group showed up to speak in public comment.

Michael Jackovich, chapter leader of the local Mass Resistance group, says he and the group never intended to go to the meeting.

“It has come to my attention that the Democratic Party of Sandoval County (DPSC) is spreading disinformation regarding New Mexico Mass Resistance (NMMR),” he told the Observer.

Jackovich said that an email sent by the Democratic Party of Sandoval County was a “fabrication.” The email stated that the DPSC had received notice that the Mass Resistance group planned to go to the board meeting on Aug. 14 and then asked members of DPSC to show up at the next meeting to show support for the library and the books.

However, Greg Bennett of the DPSC, says the reason for the large turnout was a social media post by Mass Resistance.

“Any time we receive word that our rights will be infringed upon, we will mobilize our group to defend our rights,” Bennett said.

Bennett received a notice from a DPSC member on Aug. 8 with an attached social media screenshot of a post that said, “The American Library Association wants to destroy the heterosexual nuclear family. Go to your next Library Board Meeting. Demand no affiliations with the ALA. Stop being afraid of evil. Speak the truth.”

“This was why we mobilized our group to defend our rights, support the library and ALA, and the right of everyone to select the books they want to read,” Bennett said.