The current governor and her majority party hold New Mexicans in a crushing grip of oppression. Our state government has turned against its own people. They attack decency and replace it with all manner of demonic mandates and laws. Everything that they do is fruit of the poisonous tree. Males in women’s restrooms and locker rooms make them an unsafe place, creating a hostile, dangerous and demeaning environment for women.

They target your children in public schools with a distorted ideology, without the knowledge or consent of the parents, and actually hide this from mom and dad. Minor children, by definition, cannot consent to anything. All else is child abuse.

The governor is driven to attack the right of honest people to defend themselves and their families in a state where the crime rate is double the national average. Only criminals will be carrying weapons. There is a real threat to our state. The radicals in power are scornful of your decency. They are hopeful that you will go back to sleep.

Stanley Tamulewicz
Rio Rancho