The New Mexico Broadband Collective has launched a fundraising campaign to assist New Mexico communities that are having the most difficulty with broadband access, according to a press release.

Approximately 196,000 homes and businesses don’t have broadband often due to a lack of both funding and technical assistance, per the release.

NMBC, which was established in March 2021, is trying to raise $600,000 to help these communities bridge those gaps so they can then access federal and state funding for their projects.

“Broadband technology is essential for creating more diverse and dynamic rural areas across the state, including attracting digital nomads, or people looking to increase quality of life,” Alvin Warren, the Collective’s Co-Chair and vice president of Career Pathways and Advocacy for the LANL Foundation, said in the release. “COVID-19 has ushered in new norms for remote learning and work. Ensuring all New Mexicans have broadband access represents an opportunity to retain local talent so that people can participate in the culture of their communities while strengthening local economies.”

To learn more about NMBC and to contribute to the fundraising campaign, visit