I am loving the beautiful landscaping on the north side of Southern Boulevard. It helps us imagine how wonderful it will be when everything is finished while we are still fighting the south side construction.

However, in my estimation, it defies logic that you would plant a new tree directly under a mature existing tree! I’m sure the planters have a plan that they have to follow and do it without thought as to the consequences.

The people who made the plan sat in their workspace and drew up a lovely streetside space without knowing what was already there, or considering that there might be.

When the new trees begin to grow, there will be conflict. The smaller trees will not grow straight and tall; they will bend and contort to try and reach the sunlight that is blocked by the big tree.

They will remain spindly and weak. People will wonder why some of the trees on the street are doing well and others are not.

Some new trees will give up entirely and die, which will look bad until someone comes to take the dead ones away … and probably repeat the error and plant another new little tree.

It’s not too late to move those little trees that are planted in the shadow of a larger, older tree. I don’t think any of us will complain if the repetition of the landscape is occasionally interrupted to make accommodations for existing trees.

I hope someone will fix this situation so all the trees can grow to their full potential … and thank you.

Janice Grimes

Rio Rancho