There wasn’t much “fist-bumping” in Wichita last Saturday as there had been six days earlier in the New Mexico Runners’ first win of the 2023-24 season, which goalkeeper Nate Yeager and Terry Zamora (17) were about to do during the team’s Jan. 28 victory over Kansas. The other Kansas team, the Wichita Wings, scored the game’s first eight goals on Feb. 3 en route to a convincing 13-3 victory over the Runners (1-5). Former Runners standout Mehrshad Ahmadi had a hat trick for the Wings; Benjamin Rogers, Yeager and Vince Aragon tallied for the Runners, who are home Saturday at 3:05 p.m. in the Rio Rancho Events Center to entertain the El Paso Rhinos in Faith and Family Day.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, so here’s something for you and the family on Saturday afternoon!

Use code “FAITH” or “FAMILY” at the box office for $11 discounted tickets. (