Rio Rancho citizens have a big day on March 5. Districts 1,4 and 6 are up for grabs. The race is packed with underwhelmingly familiar names and many promising new faces.

Three candidates we are excited about are newcomers Raymond Archibeque (District 4), Edward Paulsgrove (District 6) and Thomas Gentry III (District 1). Archibeque and Paulsgrove have both served in the United States military. They put their country first and are ready to serve the great city of Rio Rancho by putting its families, neighbors and communities first.

Gentry III has been a longtime resident, whose family and rich history are no strangers to Rio Rancho progress. These three future councilors vow to make Rio Rancho a stronger, safer and economically thriving destination for New Mexicans.

District 1 voters have an opportunity to hit the polls and elect Gentry III to represent them. An opportunity that presents real promise for better roads, safer neighborhoods and better representation. On Sept. 28, 2023, incumbent Jim Owen addressed the residents of Rio Rancho in his district at a Governing Body meeting saying, “…Grow up; you have a great place; let’s act like it instead of being like pouty children” while addressing the process of road repairs. District 1 residents deserve better and more professional representation from their councilor. A councilor who will listen to them, understand their issues, respect their beliefs/opinions and will work on resolve with quintessential professionalism and respect.

District 4 voters have an opportunity to elect Raymond Archibeque. One of the most beautiful, historic and iconic golf courses used to call called District 4 home. Once a thriving 27-hole championship course that drew household names from all over the country. In the last eight years, the course has been abandoned, the roads have become apocalyptic and the clubhouse has since burned to the ground. It quickly became a blight and unattended mess in the heart of Rio Rancho. Through all this, where has incumbent Paul Wymer been?

District 4 residents deserve better representation on the council, a councilor that will fight for them, hear them and cast a vote that is a true representation of their interests.

District 6 voters have the opportunity to elect Edward Paulsgrove. Paulsgrove has already advocated for the residents of District 6 with extensive research, literature and interviews that identify issues raised at the local dump. He has advocated for cleaning up contaminants, that he believes may pose a risk to the residents in that district. Paulsgrove is a strong leader, who will champion better water, roads and safety for the citizens of Rio Rancho and District 6.

Rio Rancho deserves a better, stronger and more relatable council. Thomas Gentry III, Raymond Archibeque and Edward Paulsgrove give us that.

John Pearse
Rio Rancho