Several dozen Rio Rancho-area businesspeople gathered at M’Tucci’s Moderno to participate in a “Speed Networking for Business” at the NAIOP Rio Rancho Roundtable event earlier this month.

Once the format was described, people seated at tables chatted with the person across from them, discussing professional goals and opportunities on how each could help the other for about two minutes. Then, the people on the inside rows of chairs scooted over one seat and the process began again, with business cards exchanged in addition to the chit-chat.

“I did enjoy the Speed Networking event and hope they host it again soon,” said Kellogg Agency Realter Audra Dodson “Most of the people I met were new to me, meaning I had not met them previously. Of those I met, plans are to work with two of them in the near future. Additionally, I will be meeting with another one to learn more about what they and their company does.”

Roberta Gore, left, of Keller Williams Realty, chats with American Restoration’s Donna Hollinsworth at the NAIOP networking session March 4. Gary Herron / Observer.

Dodson said she’s not a regular at the Rio Rancho Roundtable meetings, and, “Typically, of the few meetings I have attended, the information disseminated is updates about future expansions and developments in the city.”

So this was a nice change of pace, she said.

Kristi Greiner, with the Commercial Business Development Department of Paul Davis, said the session was helpful to her, too.

“I walked away establishing new contacts, and learned of an old client expanding into Rio Rancho,” she said. “It was a successful event all around, and I was proud to be amongst the many who participated.

“… The Roundtable also offered a valuable way to contribute to the health and wealth of Rio Rancho as well,” Greiner continued. “Nobody likes seeing a dilapidated building that experienced fire or water damage. My passion is for businesses to know there is help and a way to keep their business thriving, even during unforeseen incidentals.”

The meeting takes place the first Thursday of most months.

On April 7, the Rio Rancho Roundtable will hear again from Dale Dekker, a founder of Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, an architecture and design firm that employs more than 170 people in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Amarillo and Phoenix. He’ll be at the RRHS Performing Arts Center to focus on updating “doughnut holes” in the area.

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