Amy Diaz, a resident in the Northern Meadows neighborhood, got a front-row seat to the July 26 mountain lion event as the beast ended up being carried away from her backyard.

“When you have had a crappy week and need something to pull you out of your own head, may I suggest nature? Nature is a wonderful balm to the soul. Especially when you just wanted to take your dog into the backyard and let him live his best urinary life. Said dog refused,” she said. “As I absentmindedly opened the curtain to our sliding back door and then opened the door as I was talking to the gosh-dang dog back over my shoulder, I then turned to watch where I’d be walking and quickly realized I would be walking on a very tuckered-out mountain lion.”

The mountain lion found a cozy spot on Amy Diaz’s back porch. (photo by Amy Diaz)

Diaz added that she was startled and “whispered violently” for a cousin of the family that was with her at the time to come to her aid.

“I needed another adult for visual confirmation to verify that I, in fact, was not having a stroke,” Diaz joked.

The cousin was clueless, according to Diaz, and was casually walking toward her position.

“He sauntered on over, with the casual gait of a clueless human. Now, he’s a cop and super mild-mannered. Curse words do not escape this man’s lips often, and when they do, they are lower-case cuss words. ‘Oh, s—. That’s a mountain lion.’ He said it quietly, but with genuine shock,” she said.

They took photos and laughed about it for a bit. Diaz then called animal control while still laughing.

“While laughing, I told them this: ‘There is, teeheee, a legit, teeheee, mountain lion, teeheee, right outside my, teeheee, slider door. Hahahahahaha!’ Because adrenaline. And pure shock. She should have pegged me as a prank caller, but there had been other reports of a mountain lion running around in the area. ‘Officers are in the area and will be there shortly.’ She giggled, too, in my defense. Animal control later told me most mountain lion reports are actually bobcats, so this was a nice change,” she added.

Shortly after, animal control came to Diaz’s home to help.

While they waited for equipment and support from Game and Fish, each of the 7-10 guys took a selfie with the mountain lion through the sliding glass door.

When equipment arrived, the plan was to dart the animal through a crack in the sliding glass door. However, the mountain lion jumped over Diaz’s back wall before they could do it.

“I run to my bedroom to get a better vantage point and see officers up on the wall all around, some with guns drawn. Dudes are all over the yard and all around the house. It was weird. It was a very weird feeling. I did not enjoy it. Zero stars,” Diaz said.

Diaz said that cops, animal control and others were yelling instructions at each other in case the mountain lion came back to Diaz’s home.

The officers were on top of the walls to keep the animal in sight.

At this point, the mountain lion was on the neighbor’s porch and pawing at the glass. The owners, who wish to remain anonymous, said they slowly and carefully locked the sliding glass door before the beast could open it.

The neighbors saw the animal then jump back into Diaz’s yard and into her tree.

This is where the animal was eventually darted into submission and hauled away.

Diaz said the mountain lion broke a few branches on her tree.

Diaz’s broken tree. (Photo by Diaz)

At this point a small crowd had gathered around the animal control unit, where they caged the animal, she said. Fast asleep and unaware to her surroundings, the mountain lion was taken away.

The mountain lion slept in an open cage while several people, kids included, took pictures. (Photo by Amy Diaz)

Game and Fish reported that  the animal would be tagged and released into a less-populated area in the mountains.

“I can say that as far as harrowing experiences go, this was pretty chill. Largely in part to the fact that everybody stayed calm. Including the mountain lion. The guys who showed up to get her were calm and funny, and that kept it feeling like this would have a good outcome. And it did,” Diaz said.