On Aug.1, Northern Meadows residents gathered at Ed Uhrich’s residence to discuss issues regarding the Northern Meadows Property Owners Association.

Multiple residents were in attendance, and most of the attendants have been in the area for more than 20 years.

Many residents wished to remain anonymous because they fear retaliation from the POA.

“Honor your contract, maintain the front yards like you are supposed to, that includes the gravel. Some of these houses have been here for over 25 years! Honor your contract … you can’t change the rules on convenience,” one anonymous resident said.

“My two neighbors needed to cut down some trees. They are elderly and they put tickets in to get those trees removed, and the association told them they were responsible for cutting down the trees. I had a saw so I cut them up,” another anonymous resident said. “A neighbor’s Yucca fell over; they left it for months. I got my chainsaw — and ruined my chainsaw — but I took care of it.”

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