As we were looking back over the year for our Year in Review series, we also decided to take a look back at what general news stories garnered the most hits at This list excludes crime and sports stories. Watch for those lists as we close out 2023.

1. Now known as the Valley of Death, a stretch of NM road may be transformed into safe wildlife crossing (119,973)

Officials discuss the possibility of a wildlife crossing overpass where a dry riverbed meets U.S. 550 just north of Cuba. Construction, with work starting in 2025, could cost $90 million but has the intent of keeping both drivers and wildlife such as deer and elk.

2. Legislation strips parents of their rights (19,220)

This guest editorial by state Rep. Rod Montoya, published Aug. 1, argues that the Public Education Department and Department of Health “are taking the position that you don’t have the right to know what your children are learning or what health car choices they may be making.” He wrote about access to abortion, mental health and gender-altering care and urged parents to fill out a Parental Notification form to submit to schools.

3. Woman killed in overnight rollover (14,582)

Few details were available in this case. A woman was found dead just after sunrise the morning of Nov. 12 from a single-vehicle rollover that had occurred in the overnight hours. Speed was a determining factor.

4. PDV closed from Unser to Broadmoor (12,760)

This stretch of road was closed for a crash Nov. 10 and reopened later in the day.

The female Mexican gray wolf F2754 pictured in a capture box at the agency’s wolf management facility at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in central New Mexico.
Aislinn Maestas/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

5. Mexican wolf Asha roams into Sandoval County (10,049)

For the second time, the wolf made her way into northern New Mexico, this time being tracked near Jemez Springs. She has since been placed back in captivity in the hopes she will mate.

6. $500 rebate for New Mexico residents in 2023: What we know (9,486)

This short piece described how $500 rebates, available to New Mexicans who filed 2021 taxes and approved March 18, were going to work.

7. Rio Rancho High School boasts largest class of 2023 in the state (9,380)

A group of 550 seniors from Rio Rancho High School received their diplomas in May, which was said to be the largest graduating class in the state in 2023.

8. Crazy Bomb Cups permanently closes Rio Rancho location (8,536)

The popular desert stop closed its doors with the owners citing not being able to find workers to keep up with demand. The original Albuquerque location remains open.

9. Broken wire causes crane incident at Intel (8,428)

A broken wire caused the wildly popular 450-foot crane (which had its own Instagram account) at Intel to fall in March. No injuries were reported, and the company later brought in another crane to finish the work.

10. Raising Cane’s to open location in RR this spring (8,269)

The popular eatery broke ground at Unser and Southern in April following the successful opening of Albuquerque’s location. It remains under construction, and signs at the site are advertising the location is hiring.