NM State Fair’s Main Street this year featured the MOPAR, Classic VW (Volkswagen), and Jaguar show on Sept. 10 and the pink ribbon winner was the 1972 Ford Mach 1.

There were at least 50 cars lined up at the popular Main Street cross section.

Most of them were MOPAR or VW. There were only three Jags lined up. For those who don’t know, MOPAR is a category of car which includes American muscle cars. For a full list and an explanation of the origin click here. Volkswagen is also fairly well known. Most will think of the Beetle or the hippie van, but there is much more. See the video below for reference.

Only one car reigned supreme in this competition though: the Aqua Blue 1972 Mach 1 Mustang of the MOPAR line. It was one-of-a-kind in the collection of souped up classics there. The owner Mark “Q” Williams, of Albuquerque, was surprised when his engine was stickered with the winning pink ribbon.

Mark “Q” Williams’ 1972 Mach 1 Mustang.

“I wasn’t expecting the pink ribbon. But I am pleased that my car won,” he said.

Williams has owned the 482 hp vehicle since 1976, but has modified or refurbished everything except for it’s original stock — how it came out of the factory — 351 c/high output engine.

It has a supercharger that maxes out horsepower and more efficient fuel injection to help it run smoothly. The interior is special as well with a custom steering column. It is a three-speed manual and is runs on Keystone Classic wheel rims.

While many modifications were made to this car, it still maintains the Mach 1 personality and wowed state fair crowds.