Traffic in the area is already pretty heavy at times (Maureen Cooke, for the Observer)

This Thursday evening, the Rio Rancho Governing Body will reconsider the controversial Montreal Mini Master Plan.

The Plan, which will sandwich 80 additional homes between the Lomas Encantadas and Enchanted Hills subdivisions on land currently owned by Mountain View Middle School, failed to be approved at the Governing Body’s June 23 meeting when Councilor Jim Owen (District 1) voted against it.

However, Owen has resubmitted the Plan to the Governing Body for further discussion at this week’s meeting.

Residents in the area opposed to the Plan have written letters to Planning and Zoning commissioners and Governing Body members, including Mayor Gregg Hull. Additionally, residents have shown up at Planning and Zoning meetings and those of the Governing Body to voice their opposition in person, and they plan on showing up to Thursday’s meeting to once again be heard.

Their objections to the Plan range from concerns over increased traffic to lack of infrastructure to allegations that builders assured them the land in question would not be developed, and their views, for which they paid a premium, would not be obstructed.

Some residents have expressed frustration that the developers of the Plan—Ron Bohannan of Tierra West and Jared Liker of AMREP Southwest—have dismissed their concerns about infrastructure and traffic and instead have focused on the hill that will be leveled in order to accommodate the development.

Several residents mentioned that Bonannan and Liker focusing on the hill at the expense of the other concerns felt condescending.

Those wishing to attend Thursday’s 6:00 Governing Body Meeting may do so in person at 3200 Civic Center Circle, NE, or attend virtually via Zoom.