I have never been one to set a resolution for myself on New Year’s, but I think it is important to have goals.

A resolution is almost never followed through by the person setting it.

I try to make mine realistic because it becomes more attainable that way.

Last year I said I would get a job in my career choice by the time I graduate from UNM.

I did that.

This year I am not sure what to hope for.

So far I have three ideas.

The first is that I will promise to go on more trips with my family because I didn’t have time to during school.

I am already remedying that by planning some trips for the spring.

The second was to go on more dates with my fiance Brandon.

We can easily make that happen. Most of our dates are car shows, though, so I want to get some variety in there.

The last one is to make more time for myself.

Another problem when you are in school is your personal time goes out the window, especially if you work at the same time.

This one will be the most difficult to accomplish because I haven’t really done it before.

I do like to hear other people’s resolutions because they can be quite interesting.

My mom’s goal for this last year was to get her knees fixed. She is currently on the mend from her second knee replacement.

My dad doesn’t believe in that kind of thing, but he did loose some weight this year, which has been a long-time goal of his.

Kids in particular have some interesting resolutions, too.

I once had a kid tell me his resolution was to pet a shark. Sure kid; go for it.

What is your resolution? Email me at mhelean@rrobserver,com.