Michaela Helean

I grew up watching movies on VHS and eventually DVD.

My parents would introduce me to new movies regularly. In fact, my first movie was “Lord of the Rings,” though I was a newborn and slept through the whole thing.

Cinematic greatness was movies like “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones,” “Avatar” and “Harry Potter” back in the day. There were also some now-nostalgic flicks like “Shrek” or “Ice Age.”

Now, I am having a hard time enjoying these so-called “new releases.”

Today, it seems like every “new” movie is either a remake, a sequel or a live-action version of its cartoon predecessor.

Please stop making “Fast and Furious” movies, by the way. There are too many. I would have stopped a while ago.

There were a few exceptions, though. I liked “Lightyear” and the “Ghostbusters” sequel.

But the other problem I am having is that everything is now a TV show or limited series.

Even the Addams Family now, which is a good show on Wednesday — which is the day of the week new episodes come out and the character whose perspective the series shows. It was made by the iconic duo of Tim Burton as director and Danny Elfman as composer.

However, I need something new.

The last time I was thrilled about a new movie was probably when they came out with “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” part 2.

I grew up reading the books, so it was a big moment for me.

There used to be a time when movies were inspired by books. Now, I don’t get much of that.

I am not sure what the film industry is going through, and I am sure COVID probably changed the industry, but creativity has left the building.

There are a few movies I am looking forward to:

  1. “Oppenheimer”
  2. “Napoleon”
  3. “The Color Purple”
  4. “Blue Beetle”
  5. “The Flash”

If you are looking forward to a movie or want one to be made, email me the title at [email protected].