Some would say that my fiance and I are immature for still d0ing childish things as adults.

But I would argue that everyone has something they get childish about.

For me, it’s the geeky movie series that I fangirl over. Yes, I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I could probably tell you which Harry Potter movie it is just by hearing a quote from it.

For my fiance, it’s his Hot Wheels collection and his video games. He is a mechanic, and cars take up about 80% of his thoughts throughout the day. The other 20% is me and dogs.

And we both still enjoy watching movies we grew up with, like Ice Age, Over the Hedge or Barn Yard.

That being said, we behave like adults at work and other life essentials. We pay bills, pay rent and file taxes.

The way I see it, the childish stuff we do gives us a well-needed break from the adult stuff.

But it doesn’t make us any less of an adult to take that mental break.

Besides, I think my stress ceases to exist when I have fun once in a while. I encourage people to do the same when they are feeling stressed or upset.

Unfortunately, we grew up in a time when imagination was often overpowered by schoolwork and discipline by grown-ups who lost touch with their inner child.

I used to love reading for fun. I could imagine the images in my head as I read for hours. Now, it is rare that I am able to pick up a book and sit with it for more than 20 minutes.

I attribute that to society needing us to get education so we can fuel the workforce right away. It was a rush to get people to generate money.

Now that I am out of school and have the job I want, I have realized that I lost touch with fun for a while there. I mean to change that as soon as I can.

I will end with a question for all you readers: What do you do for fun?