Michaela Helean

So, I bought a new car.

Well, a used car. But it is new to me.

It is a 2015 Fiat 500 Abarth. Fiat is a well-known Italian automotive manufacturing company that owns about 90 percent of Ferrari motors.

But it is also partnered with the intense sports car manufacturer, Abarth. Abarth is just the Italian word for scorpion. The founder of Abarth was a Scorpio, so he decided to make the mascot a scorpion.

When people hear Fiat, they usually think of the cream yellow mini car that had less than 15 horsepower and traveled the cramped streets of Venice in all of its rag-top glory.

The car I bought is anything but. For comparison, the Fiat 500 Abarth has 160 horsepower and enough boost from the turbo charger to knock your socks off.

It is not the fastest car in the world and could definitely not beat a GT-500 Mustang, but it has a spicy personality.

This may distress some people, but I bought it on Carvana, which is a virtual dealership, so to speak.

Carvana is pretty awesome because the process is entirely up to you. It is just like buying a pair of shoes online.

First off, you search for the car you want on the website and review the specs.

The usual questions that you would ask in any dealership are answered for you in a fact sheet.

Carvana does a full inspection and fix of any car they receive and sell.

If the specs meet your expectations, then you press the order button. You are then given about 40 minutes to figure out financing terms and any trade-in possibilities.

After all that, you can schedule a time to pick up your car or have it delivered to your home.

That’s right, I said delivered. Sometimes there is a delivery fee, sometimes not. It depends on how close the car you want is to you.

The beauty of Carvana, though, is that you can wait seven days to pay for the car.

That seven days gives you a chance to get to know the car. If you don’t want it, you can cancel the order and try a different car.

The only thing to remember is they check your credit every time you order another car and finance it.

The other beauty of Carvana is that they do registration and title for you. So you do not have to go to the MVD in person.

Then all that is left is insurance.

If you are looking for a car, Carvana is a good resource but don’t expect to find the one you want by looking only there. Other resources are available.

It is important to exhaust all options when finding a car.