I felt really old the other day when I read an article that said flip phones are now a fashion statement from Gen Z.

According to the article, my generation is returning to using flip phones full time.

Let me clarify …

I am 21 years old. So I guess I am part of the elders on Gen Z.

I feel old because the flip phone is not that old. Right?

My first phone in second grade was a flip phone. That was about 14 years ago. What the heck.

This isn’t the only thing making me question myself though.

I am finding that less and less people are understanding my pop culture references when I talk about Ghost Busters or Indiana Jones.

I was talking with a girl who is maybe a few years younger than me and had no idea what the yellow pages are.

In today’s world it seems like most people wouldn’t be caught making a phone call anyway. Everything is an email or a text.

It is like people are afraid to talk to other human beings.

This is so odd for me.

Similarly, I had to explain VHS and cassette tapes to a slightly younger man.

I saw one video the other day of a teenager trying to open a cassette container. Let me just say, it was a struggle for her.

Now, I am not beyond modern technology. I use Tik Tok and I have a smart phone now.

But I still make phone calls and still have full conversations with people.

So, why have we drifted so far away from human interaction?

My challenge for everyone is to make a call and have a conversation for once. Don’t rush off because you are afraid of awkward interaction.

You never know who you might meet or who might have a good story to tell.