My husband and I are officially moved in to our new apartment as of Thanksgiving. All I can say is good riddance to the old place.

It was our first apartment, both individually and as a couple. We were there for just over a year.

The first year was just fine. We were paying about $1,000 a month for a one bedroom with a lot of space at almost 750 square feet. Utilities only cost us $100 total, and the pet rent wasn’t terrible.

We signed on to a new lease in August this year, and that’s when problems got bad.

It started small with the “wood” floors coming up at the seams. We requested the maintenance at the start of the year for the floors to be fixed. We left this November, and those floors were still not taken care of.

Then, just after we signed on to our new lease, the upstairs neighbor flooded his tub and the water leaked through our ceiling onto our bathroom floor. The emergency maintenance came to see what the problem was. He poked a hole in our ceiling to “let it drain faster” and had the upstairs neighbor turn off the tub water. He had “let the water run to water his plants and forgot to turn it off.” The hole he poked was exacerbated when the neighbor let the water flood again and again over the next several months.

That hole is still in that apartment to this day.

This was not the tipping point for us to give notice of our move out, however.

On our wedding day, Sept. 22, my husband and I came home to a large pool of water in the hallway, bathroom and kitchen as our ceiling drywall hung down and was dripping with water.

It was obvious that mold was present under where the drywall had fallen. I sprayed the area with bleach to stop the mold from becoming toxic to my husband, me and our two dogs. We again asked for emergency maintenance, but for two entire weeks the drywall remained hanging down in our hallway.

At this point, I was livid. According to New Mexico state law, maintenance and repair requests at apartment complexes have to be addressed and completely fixed within seven days. Not seven business days … seven days.

My mom helped us write a letter to the landlord addressing our issues and stating that we had contacted legal aid for help. We stated that if the problems were not fixed within seven days of the landlord receiving the letter, we would give notice of us moving out.

They did not fix the issues, so we gave that notice. The soonest possible date to move out was Nov. 22, the day before Thanksgiving …

The worst part, as of yet, happened the week before we were due to move out.

I was cooking dinner when I started to smell a horrible smell coming from the bathroom. I looked over and saw raw sewage flooding both the toilet and my bathtub. It was leaking onto the ground and started to seep into the hallway.

We called emergency maintenance again. It took more than an hour to get a hold of someone. When they did come, they said they had to call a plumber but that they turned off the water so it wouldn’t leak anymore. It wasn’t until about 11 or 12 that night that the plumbers and water extraction crew came to help.

For the next week, they were in and out of the apartment trying to fix the issue.

We came to find out during this week that the maintenance team was completely replaced and that they were going to do a big maintenance sweep of the complex to get all major items addressed.

Too little, too late.

All I can say now is good riddance!