By the time this column makes it to the paper, I will officially be a married woman.

I am getting married to my lifelong best friend, Brandon, on Sept. 22, which also happens to be the day we started our relationship. Yep, five years ago on Friday, we said, “What the hay. Why not?'”

Of course, this contract wasn’t formed without some persuasion and pushing from our close friends.

On Sept. 22, 2018, Brandon and I were at the homecoming dance in our senior year of high school. I went with my two friends, and he went with his. He and I had begun to hang out that previous summer and had flirted from time to time, but nothing happened. Our relationship was at a standstill.

I think it was because he and I had been burned by our previous relationships and were timid to the idea of a new one.

Our friends probably knew before we did that we were destined to be together.

I remember it like yesterday. My best friend “booty bumped” me into him and his best friend shoved him into me. I let loose and did the infamous worm dance move that I had learned from my dad. Little did I expect that he would double down and start his own break-dancing moves. It was a match to be reckoned with.

That night we started talking more and more. We discovered our shared interest in cars. He liked Japanese builds and I liked the styled classics. We were an item, but no one had said the words yet. At school the following Monday, our friend said the words, “Why don’t you have your girlfriend drive you home?” and that was that.

Both of us were still stinging with pain from previous relationships, though the sting was a little less. About four months in, I opened my heart to him and explained my pain. We discovered that our pain was extremely similar. We discovered we both worried that we would break up.

From that moment forward, he and I have been able to tie our relationship down.

In a way we have been married all this time. Now we’re just making it official. He is my other half. Not the better half — and neither am I — because we are better together.